Tuesday, April 3, 2012


            GGCRR WEEKLY #1
From now on hopefully once a week I will post a couple of pictures//video or something I have taken or been a part of during the week. Im calling it the "GGCRR WEEKLY" for now until I come up with a good name. So hopefully this works and you actually see another GGCRR WEEKLY. Also the holidays start tomorrow for me so I will have so many more photos to upload than I usually would. Below are a few items I have acquired in the last week or so. In the last week iv come across two really cool photographers, The first is a 20 Year old New Yorker that uses mainly film to create these amazing images, Watch the interview below. The second photographer is a Man names Rylan Perry, I don't know much about him but he takes fantastic photo again using mainly film.

MOSSLESS Interviews: Sean Vegezzi from MOSSLESS on Vimeo.

The Gold Chain- $2.00 from the 123 Dollar shop

             Camo Bucket Hat- My lovely friend Hana got for me

4:20 Watch-From the Dollar shop.
You can only set one time and it sticks to that time so dosnt work as well as I would like.
  Durry's new Tat

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